Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Bending Metal" Group Show Now Open

Our "Bending Metal" Show features work by metal artists including Dave Borrus, Rob Lorenson, Jamie Burnes, Cheryl Williams, Rick Carpenter, Laura Reinhard, Whitmore Boogaerts, Jeffrey Zachmann and Phill Evans.

Sizes range from small tabletop pieces to large outdoor sculptures. Come take a look at the many forms metals can take in these intriguing sculptural artworks.

Kinetic Wall Sculpture by Jeffrey Zachmann

36" x 29" x 8"

"Reverie" by Dan McDermott

"Epona" by Jamie Burnes

"Turning Point" by Laura Reinhard

"Bending Metal" runs through September 6, 2010.

Our ongoing show, "Growth" continues through June.

Our next show, "Sea" opens July 1.

Monday, May 24, 2010

L'Attitude Artists Featured in Sculpture Show at Copley Place in Boston

Twenty sculptures by L'Attitude Gallery artists are being featured in a sculpture show in the atrium at Copley Place in Boston. All sculptures are available for sale. We have other work by each of the artists here in the gallery as well.

"Rising Wave" by Whitmore Boogaerts

"White Rhythm" by Rob Lorenson

"Stargazer" by Rick Carpenter

"HAHAHA" by Barbara Ottmar

"Human Sphere" by Steve Zalinski

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Work by Mary Calkins, Don Williams and Stephanie Warburg

Here is some new artwork that we recently put on display in the gallery.....

Mary Calkins' colorful abstracts paintings on board (12"x12" each) are titled "Be-Bop I, II and III." "Be-Bop I" and "Be-Bop II" are shown here.
Don Williams has an interesting metal and ceramic piece called "Dreaming Spring". The combination of "hard" (metal) and "soft" (ceramic) elements makes for an interesting composition with a cutting edge feel (18" x 12").

And Stephanie Warburg's atmospheric "Not the End of Summer But the Beginning of Fall" in oil, 18" x 24", has been attracting attention.

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