Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Discovering Sculpture at Copley Place

L'Attitude's sculpture installation at Copley Place interacts with the natural, commercial, and architectural surroundings through a varied yet cohesive ensemble. At first glance, spotting all twenty sculptures on display demands an attentive visual combing of the space. The larger sculptures emerge first from among the flora. The sculpture materials, which include bronze, aluminum, glass, and stone, contrast with the natural look of the foliage and the water cascading down a three-story waterfall and burbling through the atrium's fountains. Yet the geometrical shapes, particularly the discs and rings in the sculptures, reflect those used in the waterfall wall. And, upon closer inspection, the geometric sculptures displayed at the waterfall's base blend beautifully with the natural surroundings through their organic curves that grow to resemble branches and leaves.

Global and natural motifs in the sculptures fuse people with the earth and its animals. The human bodies in "Human Sphere" and "Stargazer" coexist with a formidable, weighty round rhinoceros rolled back on his haunches, a fish spiked through with a metal rod, a stone whale, and stone sculptures with carved reliefs of a lobster, a starfish, and another fish. The "Stargazer," though a human form, stands as spindly and elongated as a dainty flamingo.

The eclecticism of the pieces chosen for this installation reflects the diversity of styles and mediums exhibited in our gallery. The range in forms and display methods conveys that this is an installation to be enjoyed by passersby of all heights and ages. Whales and sea creatures nestle by the gurgling water at children's eye level, while the more formally displayed blue glass vase and rhinoceros will attract shoppers accustomed to more museum-like displays of art. Whether you are ambling or beelining through the mall, we invite you to pause and engage with this hide-and-seek installation!

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