Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Patrick Pierce and Yolanda Adra Show Opens

Our new show features Patrick Pierce's bold mixed metal sculptures and wall pieces and Yolanda Adra's fused glass wall artworks. The two are a striking combination in the gallery. Please stop by! For more images from the show please visit the "Now Showing" page of our website at http://www.lattitudegallery.com/

Above: "Falchion 6" by Yolanda Adra. Fused Glass wall pieces. (Shown in the gallery along with works by Cipriani, Lorenson, Payette, Whatley and Markow and Norris.)

Above: "Arc of Triumph" (81" h x 27" w x 23" d) and "Toaster Head" (17" h x 7" w x 11" d) by Patrick Pierce.

Below: "Urban Mesh" (36" h x 41" w x 3" d) wall piece by Patrick Pierce.

Left: Yolanda Adra's "Verdure"
Three Fused Glass Panels
32" w x 30" h

Left: "Blue Diagonals"
Five Fused Glass Panels
33" h x 7"w each.

Happy Summer,

Betty, Caroline, Winky & Ashley

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