Monday, February 23, 2009

L'Attitude Gallery installs Josh Beckett Oncology Treatment Room at Children's Hospital in Boston

L'Attitude Gallery Art Consultant, Betty Bothereau, recently installed exciting new artwork in the Josh Beckett Oncology Treatment Room at Children's Hospital in Boston.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Interested in Corporate Art Rentals or Art Leasing in Boston? Contact L'Attitude Gallery.

L'Attitude Gallery will rent or lease artwork to corporate offices, restaurants, private clients and others interested in the benefits of an artwork leasing program. We have a large artwork collection to select from - in a variety of media. We welcome inquiries.

The benefits of renting or leasing artwork include:

Rent or lease payments for artwork are tax-deductible because they are considered a business expense.
Companies relying on venture capital can avoid carrying artwork assets on their books.
Artwork can give the workspace sophistication and style.
Pleasing visual surroundings benefits worker morale.
Leasing artwork offers complete flexibility.

L'Attitude Art and Sculpture Gallery

We feature contemporary
two and three-dimensional artworks
and indoor and outdoor sculpture
for home, corporate and commercial environments.